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For over  60 days I have been meditating the Kirtan Kriya {see blog post – November 26 – Hari Kirin’s Gift} and this powerful image has emerged.

When I am leaning too close to the edge of my comfort zone, I have a tendency to procrastinate, distracting myself with mundane tasks; anything but action in service of the new work.  I am actively exploring ways of changing my patterns and challenging well worn habits that no longer serve me. What am I afraid of? Well, if I am being honest here, the not knowing, making a mistake – oh! holding on way too tight to the outcome , so then I take a breath and return to my commitment of holding things lightly, bravely , playfully – ah! now not so scary.

The Kirtan Kriya along with my yoga practice and frequent somatic centering and grounding practice as taught by Presence -Based Coach extraordinaire, Doug Silsbee is supporting my path forward through the self-doubt and fear. From this place of strength I can bravely face the question as posed by Jungian Analyst James Hollis, “Does this path enlarge or diminish me? Hollis continues… “Usually we know  the answer to that question. We know it intuitively, instinctively, in the gut. Choosing the path that enlarges us rather than diminishes will serve us well in navigating through moving  us closer toward meeting the person we are meant to be.” p. 15

What is calling you to a larger journey?


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