A Leap of Faith

Posted by on Feb 26, 2013 in Coleen's Blog | 2 comments

Leaps of Faith 2

How often do we have the courage to take a Leap of Faith forward – towards becoming the person we are meant to be. What are we waiting for? As James Hollis says “Permission to live one’s life is not something one is given; it is to be seized.” What are you leaping towards?


  1. Inspiring.
    I feel I have not “leaped” toward anything in regard to living my life in quite sometime. After a few months of self reflection I’ve realized that what I’ve been searching for has been right here in front of me. The rest will follow with time 🙂
    Living in the here and now.

    • Julie, thanks for your thoughtful comment. I love your self-observation and am so pleased you are being present with your lovely children. xo C

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