A Playful Gathering

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To quote Rumi, “There is a community of spirit – join it and feel the delight…”  that is exactly what we did last Sunday. A group of talented and gifted women spent the afternoon together in a beautiful setting with a gracious host and two Yoginis (Sherry Smith & me) who facilitated the group through pranayama, walking meditation, gentle yoga and collage with the focus on the Svadisthana (in Sanskrit) Chakra. The second Chakra is orange in color, the element is water and the mythical animal is a hungry sea monster (I interpret this as the super ego). According to Hari Kirin Kaur Khalsa, in her book Art & Yoga: Kundalini Awakening in Everyday Life the second chakra, is “important to artists because of its relationship to creativity, sexuality and psychic ability”.  Additional wise advice she shares with us is that, “working on the second chakra is useful for artists, as it resolves feelings of inferiority and attachment and lessens the sense that we have to prove that we are good enough by what we do or produce.”

When I am on a joyous creative roll and all is flowing freely and, suddenly my super ego decides to make an appearance – attempting to interrupt the flow –  I have learned a great practice from my coach Bebe Cooper {www.opentheflow.com } I say directly to my super ego one of two things, depending on what is needed in the moment – either “thanks for looking out for me, I’ve got it” and/or “go suck on a tailpipe”. The later is my preferred retort.  So the next time you are interrupted while flying full out in your creative work, take a deep breath into your second Chakra and blow the hungry sea monster right out of the water!