A Word is a Bird

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A Word is a Bird  finalWords are more than semantics – through our words, we are creating our world one word at a time. We can choose to align our words with our actions and live in creative choice. Years ago I was sitting in a community meeting.  An important decision was at hand.  Some of the words being spoken into the circle  were unkind and out of alignment with the intention of the group.  As one of the younger members of the group (at that time) I spoke up about the importance of the words we speak. I was harshly admonished by an elderly gentleman who in a raised voice said to me, “Words are only words, they do not matter.”

Our words do matter  – each word we let fly out from us has the ability to alter our world and those around us. A wave of words impacting those we cannot see. Let us be mindful of how our words vibrate away and back toward us.

The following quote speaks beautifully to the power of our words… “Speak sparingly. A word is a bird. Once let out, you can’t whistle it back. Measure your words…Think two or three times before speaking. Let people know that you really mean what you say when you speak. People often say, “I don’t know, do you know what I mean?” Such talking creates confusion. If you think well before you utter a word, then you can convey so much with fewer words. With less energy, you perform a better job.” The Living Gita: Sri Swami Satchidananda

How do you measure the words that fly from you?


  1. The image is stunning…beautiful. I love the idea of being in choice and awareness before letting our words fly…the words we speak fly on and on…sending ripples out into the world…I love the essence of the soaring bird…a lovely image for our thoughtful, authentic expressions. Namaste, dear friend. Thank you for sharing your gifts…

  2. Gorgeous collage! We are so conditioned to speak up that we don’t always take the time to weigh our words and whether or not we really know, or believe, what we’re saying. I’m trying to use fewer words and make them count for more – in speaking and writing. Thanks for the (brief!) reminder 🙂

  3. I love this beautiful image, and really appreciate the meaning you have detailed in this post. I sometimes feel out of place in a world where people speak quickly and freely. I am very reflective by nature and find that I need time to form my thoughts and words before I utter them. It is one of the reasons why I love to write. Writing allows me to take time to form my words, and time to revisit them before I share them with others. I sometimes find that in-person I feel rushed to contribute to a conversation and for this reason I sometimes end up saying something I wish I hadn’t. This post is a good reminder to allow myself time to reflect on what I am going to say, written or spoken. Because, words do matter. Thanks for this.

    • Amanda, thank you for your very thoughtful reflection – so appreciated. Coleen

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