As I journeyed through my Yoga Teacher training in 2009-10, I discovered a natural alignment between the heart and spirit of yoga and my facilitation practice. The collages in this project illustrate my journey through the 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Jenny Kierstead of Breathing Space Yoga.

The Chakra’s speak to me about the art and mastery of facilitation in my practice.

The Muladhara corresponds to acceptance and to the root Chakra and grounds and centers me.

The Swahhisthana corresponds to creativity and allows me to tap into my innovative side staying open to possibility.

The Manipura corresponds to commitment, will power and confidence providing me with focused energy and perseverance.

The Anahata corresponds to compassion and love and reminds me to be mindful of listening with an open heart to the needs of the group as well as my own needs.

The Vishuddha corresponds to honesty and speaking truth, essential to authentic communication.

The Anja corresponds to intuition and reminds me to value the power of my deep knowing and provides me with an opportunity to support others in valuing their own inner voice and experience.

The Sahasrara corresponds to insight, clarity and boundlessness or bliss. The energy is flowing freely in this place of inspiration.


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