Awakening the Creative Fire – Making the Invisible, Visible…

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Cathy F. full body chakra image - Feb 17 Playshop

A group of courageous women responded to an invitation to bravely and playfully venture forth on a journey of discovery through the Chakras. These wonderful women joined Sherry Smith ( and me for a day of meditation, yoga and artistic exploration. The day is best described by my good friend writer and artist, Cathy Fynn in her guest appearance on my blog:

“I signed up for the Play Shop because I needed to open up. I write professionally (copywriting and editing) but I love writing short stories. I wanted to free myself to write fiction without being obsessed (and judgmental) about the outcome.  “Awakening your Creative Fire,” sounded like a good start.

I must admit I came to the session with some trepidation. My artistic endeavours had not progressed beyond stick people so venturing into the visual arts definitely pushed me past my comfort zone. But the no- pressure-no-judgment atmosphere put me at ease immediately. I felt free to explore and create, and managed to keep my inner critic at bay for a blissful six hours – that’s a record for me!

The results blew me away – literally. When I left the room and came back to my collage, I stumbled. It was so powerful. It was unlike anything I had ever done but it felt like it reclaimed part of me. I was so proud (as you can probably tell from the picture)!

When I came home with my piece, I was even more surprised. I didn’t diminish it, or apologize for not being an artist. In fact, I actually felt like an artist – and I think I’m going to feel that way for a long time. The workshop rekindled my faith in my creativity. And while I won’t be quitting my day job, I will bring that openness and self-acceptance to my fiction writing – and to everything I do.

Thanks so much to the Play Shop leaders for fueling our creative juices. From the oatcakes and tea to the meditations and asanas  – everything flowed beautifully. Namaste.” Cathy Fynn


“To the soul and spirit, images are real and present. They are not merely representations of something else. They embody what is otherwise invisible and yet present.” Thomas Moore