Cooking Up Fresh Ideas

Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Coleen's Blog | 0 comments

My creative process involves making room for bravely integrating “all my bits”. I am practicing compassion towards my tender-hearted self. I am learning to acknowledge and embrace my vulnerability. I am practicing accepting  the perfect and imperfect nature of relationships {and I have had a great many opportunities to practice this over the last few months}.

I am in movement towards a new future… Cooking Up Fresh Ideas: birth, life, death – a natural part of the cycle of life’s experience.  The birthing of new work requires a letting go and embracing –  simultaneously. Can I stand in the fire with my heart open, practicing loving kindness towards others and myself? Yes I can! and so can you.

Each of us can choose to allow ourselves to open to our inner strength, to be delightfully surprised at our interior resources if we can “attend to our own demons”. Every moment provides an opportunity to take the steps needed to create our own fresh future.

“Walk out like someone born into color. Do it now!” Rumi