Embracing Beauty

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How can we stay open and allow ourselves to embrace the beauty that surrounds us? How can we hold space for ourselves with ease, without judgement, without grasping – with grace? It all sounds so plausible when we are centered and grounded and are reading the “instructions” from an inspired text – but what is the reality of this process when we are in the muck of confusion? For me, it is in the creation of the visual in collage and painting. I trust the inner voice that guides me.

I unfurl slowly at first, breathing and listening. I know this much, at the heart of it I am about action, about movement in a forward direction – embracing deeper ways of being and staying open. What is my service to the fresh day that unfolds in front of me – how can I make the world a more beautiful place?

This brings to mind the following quote from a wonderful story by Barbara Cooney¬† called, Miss Rumphius… “But there is still one more thing I have to do … I have to do something to make the world more beautiful.”

How will you embrace and add to the beauty around you today?