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Guide Me Home January 2014 blog

‘Tis the Season of resolutions, new intentions and renewed commitments… the challenge is in keeping to the new or not so new goal, intention, resolution (you can substitute any word that speaks to you in this sentence). I for one do not have much luck with resolutions, so I do not make them. Instead, I work with embodied commitments to navigate daily life. Through my presence-based coaching training I learned the value of embodying and integrating my commitment with mind, body and soul. For me this means that when I speak my specific commitment it “lands” soundly within my body and it just feels right to me in every way – mind, body and soul. My commitment {sharing what I know, so that others can discover what they know, for the sake of living a more expansive life} informs and guides all facets of my life: my art, my coaching and yoga practice, my health and well-being and most importantly my relationships.

In her most recent book, Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change, Pema Chödrön gives us a simple instruction for connecting with our true nature right on the spot… breathe, be fully present…feel your heart (by actually placing your left hand over your heart)… and engage the next moment without an agenda.

She provides another valuable observation, reminding us that “our identity, which seems so reliable, so substantial, is in fact very fluid, very dynamic. There are unlimited possibilities to what we might think, what we might feel, and how we might experience reality. We have what it takes to free ourselves from the suffering of a fixed identity… the good news is that you can use your direct experience  – who you seem to be at this very moment – as the doorway to your true nature. By fully touching this relative moment of time – the sound you’re hearing, the smell you’re smelling, the pain or comfort you’re feeling right now – by being fully present to your experience, you contact the unlimited opens of your being.” 

Meditation, art and yoga continue to guide me home to the doorway of my true nature.

In the dynamic fluidity of your life what practice (s) do you use to guide you home?