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5 x 7 ” reproductions of original art work created for my blog
Blank inside with envelopes, wrapped in acid free sleeves, bound in satin ribbon

DSC_0013cri final_LowRez What is a Name that calls you to be Fearless? The name that calls me to my future fearless self – is “spiritual warrior”. As Margaret Wheatley states in her new book Perseverance, “Spiritual warriors are those who are brave. The skills that give them power are compassion and insight. It takes years of practice and discipline to cultivate these.” This is for me, enough work for more than one lifetime.


DSC_0016cri final_LowRez Embracing Beauty How can we stay open and allow ourselves to embrace the beauty that surrounds us? How can we hold space for ourselves with ease, without judgement, without grasping – with grace?What is my service to the fresh day that unfolds in front of me – how can I make the world a more beautiful place?How will you embrace and add to the beauty around you today?


DSC_0015cri final_LowRez Dancing in the Middle PassageHow can we, each of us live a life fully engaged with meaning and purpose, knowing from our grown up experience that disappointment and loss will continue to be co-mingled with joy and growth? How will your story unfold as you continue dancing in the middle passage? “Feeling good is a poor measure of a life, but living meaningfully is a good one…” J. Hollis


DSC_0018cri final_LowRez Opening to Expansion I created this image, and then with perfect synchronicity, the poetic words of Rainer Maria Rilke’s appeared before me…”I live my life in growing orbits, which move out over the things of the world. Perhaps I can never achieve the last, but that will be my attempt. I am circling around…the ancient tower, and I have been circling for a thousand years, and I still don’t know if I am a flacon, or a storm, or a great song.”  In what way do you wish to playfully explore living a larger more expanded life?


DSC_0014cri final_LowRez The Light of Self-Compassion Mindfully, I chose a new path in place of my old habitual patterns. Pema Chödron offers inspiration, “this is a work in progress, a process of uncovering our natural openness, uncovering our natural intelligence and warmth… we already have what we need … you yourself experience your unlimited potential.” So I am practicing creating light and space for self-compassion …What path will you choose to allow yourself to open to the light of self-compassion?


Price: set of 5 cards $35.00 each includes shipping and handling {in Canada & Continental US}