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December 4 blog photoI just completed the 2014 Leadership Coaching Summit with Coaches Rising and, what has stood out most for me is that each of us is responsible (whatever our profession or calling) to be the proactive Leader inside our own lives. For me, all of the teachings, models and practices boil down to one essential ingredient – there is no secret recipe. Each of us is in charge of creating who we are, and intentionally or not, where we spend our energy and focus is what we become. We can however, from a place of intention and mindfulness, courageously and consciously choose who we want to become with our next breath. Sounds simple, and in reality requires work and bravery.

I am choosing to shake it up and to release old stories that no longer serve me…to create new narratives for the yet unknown path ahead. I am uncomfortable as I sit with lack of clarity. My well-worn habits are tough to break free from… so I work with my own set of practices (and a new added practice from Pam Weiss that I share below), including a deep commitment to being curious and open to learning with the Buddhist practice of “Beginners Mind”.

I wish to share a pragmatic “practice” that Pamela Weiss  brought to the Summit – she advised us to step into a practice of listening through stream of consciousness writing… in response to the question “What is calling me now?” For 5 minutes write freely– keep your pen moving, do not worry about spelling or punctuation and if you get stuck – write the question “What is calling me now?” again or write what you just wrote. Once the 5 minutes is up – turn the page and do not review it – practice for the next 5-7 days and at the end of that time, review and highlight the common words or themes and see what might emerge.  If there is a theme that emerges you can then respond to that theme by continuing the writing practice in the same manner – exploring the deeper layers. Exploring through the mind, heart and body “What is calling me now?”

It is helpful prior to the practice, to settle in, take a few breaths, centre and ground yourself. I invite you to visit her site which is rich with free resources, including wonderful and accessible meditation practices.

Let me know –

What is calling you now?


  1. Oh Coleen, you are such a powerful example of integrity. This question really touches me. I will introduce this to my Powder Keg writers. And to my journaling. Will let you know what comes forward. xoxoS

  2. That’s a big question, Coleen. I think for me it’s listening instead of thinking, or listening inside of thinking. Ha – let’s face it, I can’t turn ‘thinking’ off most of the time. Thinking can be fun if you’re not always seeking a finite answer. Replacing fear with curiosity and allowing yourself to explore exponential possibilities. It’s like saying “OK, that’s an interesting thought and letting it go…and being ok with letting the possibilities flow…not insisting on answers. Being ok with the questions and letting the universe decide when the answers should appear. It’s about being hopeful but not expectant, and feeling blessed to have options.

  3. I forgot to add that I appreciate that you stirred me to write! Your art is beautiful and makes me think I’d like to live inside it…thank you for being!

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