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The Big Experiment - Sept 21, 2014 Blog

I have been meditating on this theme of experimentation lately, and have come to the uncomfortable conclusion that there is no comfortable way to experiment – so these are my musings and perhaps they may speak to you…

Dare to:



Be bold


Look foolish… be brilliant, be your authentic self…

Live your deep life

Answer the calling of your soul

Speak the truth in your heart

Step up…step out

Take a chance

Try again… and again… and again if necessary

Be brave

Be courageous

Step back if you need to

Sit in silence…hear/feel/sense your intuition

Trust in the universe

Is it true the more experiments the better?

What is the one small thing that you can do in this moment to experiment?

Live a perfectly imperfect life

Joyfully experiment with your unique one-of-a-kindness

Stand in your center…one breath, one step, one action at a time

Dare to breathe and step into the flow of life…


As James Hollis asks, “Does this path enlarge or diminish me? I know I always want my path to enlarge my life – thus the need to live in experimental joy – sometimes I do require an extra dose of bravery.


What are you joyfully and bravely experimenting with?