The Conceptual Channel

Posted by on Jun 14, 2015 in Coleen's Blog | 0 comments

The Conceptual ChannelThe image for this original piece of artwork which I created (6’x8’) came to me during a recent acupuncture session. My body was vibrating intensely. I asked my Naturopathic Dr. for an explanation – she said, “Ah! It is your conceptual channel” – thus the title of the piece. I have recently been reflecting on the relationship between my energy and emotion, and for several years have practiced learning to embrace my emotions as energy. By allowing my emotions to rise to the surface as opposed to supressing them, and allowing my breath to be my conduit, I can exhale the energy from my mind, heart and body allowing it to dissipate into the universe. This practice is allowing me to release, accept and create space for myself. When I am feeling ungrounded and off center, the tiny voice (sometimes not so tiny) inside my mind hears refrains such as, “too sensitive, too this & too that” – argh! These voices from the past are no longer serving me as I move forward on my path. By adopting a practice of embracing and honouring the energy that is created, and then exhaling it and releasing it from my heart, mind and body… those old triggers that show up as strong emotions of fear, rejection, judgement, and doubt, lose their power to run me around. I can trust in my own actions, energy, intuition, and personal power to conceive and manifest what I need to birth into the universe.

What do you desire to birth into the universe?