“The Dream Thing”

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“The Dream Thing”

 I am sitting in the center of my own life, firmly rooted in what grounds me, knowing what ignites my passion, knowing what a ‘successful’ life is – more pleasure, more ease – being in flow. I am engaging in multiple endeavours collectively – focusing on what nurtures and feeds my deep soul.  Am I always in this place? – No – but now know, when I am out of sync, and consciously return to the practices that guide me back.

I am reading Thomas Moore’s new book, A Religion of One’s Own: A Guide to Creating a Personal Spirituality in a Secular World. It is abundantly rich with wisdom. The right book for the right time. I have highlighted so many passages – multiple notes – so much relevance. Moore shares, “Everyone has a “dream thing” to bring to life and work: an active imagination, an openness to inspiration, and the ability to unveil the invisible, spiritual realm to be revealed.” My images are my “dream thing” come into the light.  Someone asked me the other day where my images come from – my reply – “they come to me through my meditation and yoga practice, from being in stillness and staying open to the constant flow of images that play in my mind’s eye.”

I suspect that we all have a need to express ourselves, whether it is through music, visual art, writing, gardening, cooking, yoga, whatever your passion, building, designing, being in nature – the key is taking the time and space (whatever that may be – it is different for each of   us) to allow your creative gifts to flow out from you – allowing the art to breathe it’s own “life”.  This is the power of the image – the artist is the conduit.

What is your “dream thing”?

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