The Silent Sound of the Sea

Posted by on Jul 29, 2013 in Coleen's Blog | 0 comments


For me, the sound of the of the sea silences out all other distractions. Recently while on a vacation to Acadia National Park in Maine, I was surprised at the crowds of people seeking “solitude” by the sea. The photos give the illusion of aloneness and the reality is anything but. I live in a relatively isolated part of the Atlantic Coast, so it took me awhile to acclimatize to the crowds seeking their own place of silence by the sea. The sea speaks to me, my innate need for silence, for space and to be at one with the rhythm of nature. Time stands still in the present moment of each new wave.

The pull of the sea, the rhythm of the waves, both calming and reassuring echoing back to me, the sound of my heart, a sense of spaciousness and change in each moment.

Where is your place of silence?