What is a name that calls you to be fearless?

Posted by on May 20, 2012 in Coleen's Blog | 0 comments

I am currently doing my best to ride a turbulent wave of change that is crashing through my life and I have my moments in the trough. What then? Occasionally I will dwell in the darkness of self-pity and then I rise up and keep riding the wave. I reach out and connect with the people that I  love and immerse myself in experiences that nourish my soul. The name that calls me to my future fearless self – is “spiritual warrior”.  As Margaret Wheatley states in her new book  Perseverance, “Spiritual warriors are those who are brave.  The skills that give them power are compassion and insight. It takes years of practice and discipline to cultivate these.” This is for me, enough work for more than one lifetime. Stay tuned!