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Sample Training/Services:

The Path from a “Difficult Conversation” to a “Learning Conversation”: a Journey of Self-Discovery

Is there a link between your perception (real or imagined) of “difficult people” and your stress level when you know you have to “deal” with an issue in which the outcome is important to you? Most of us experience some level of anxiety and a variety of other emotions – it is only natural. This interactive training is an invitation to participants to step out and to reflect on their individual practices and habits.  The training uses proven strategies based on  “Difficult Conversations – How to Discuss What Matters Most”  from the Harvard Negotiation Project and other related best-practices. This engaging learning experience provides participants with numerous opportunities to experience and practice immediately useful skills.


 Tuning into the Art and Heart of Your own Facilitation Practice

  In my personal journey through Yoga Teacher Training I discovered a natural alignment between the heart and spirit of yoga and the art and heart of my own facilitation practice. Through free expression and with a focus on the creative process, participants will have an opportunity to explore their own personal journey of  facilitation. By experiencing and engaging in a process of a Visual Meaning-Making practice using collage and a gentle somatic practice through simple yoga poses, each person will have an opportunity to creatively explore the individual gifts and uniqueness that they bring to their own facilitation practice. No experience necessary in art or yoga.


The Art of Mindful Leadership : A Presence-Based Development Approach

An approach that begins with the premise as stated by Margaret Wheatley, “the capacity that any organization needs is for leadership to appear anywhere it is needed and to create the places and processes so people can actually learn together, using our collective experiences and shared knowledge.”

Leaders in this training will increase their effectiveness in fulfilling commitments by improving and adding to their competency with training in Adult Learning Principles; Communication and Learning Conversations;  Creating High Functioning Teams; Facilitation Skills; and designing Personal Development Plans to sustain and enhance their leadership capacity

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